So many of my home sellers ask me..What is the number one thing a home buyer looks for in a home? Think about first impressions. Whne you meet some one new, you make a very quick assessment and form an opinion based on your first encounter. It could be based on how they look, talk, move, whatever! The same is true of a home. The first impression is immediate and can make all the difference as to whether a buyer "likes" your home or not.

Here's the answer. The front door!! As buyer and his/her agent approach the house, the buyer is looking at the front .Then the agent takes a minute of two to get the key out of the lockbox and open the door.

So what do the buyers do while the agent is busy? THEY LOOK AT THE DOOR!!

SO, paint it, polish it, replace the hardware, sweep the porch around it, but make it the welcoming place that your home should be and the buyers will love it!